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Skills Gaming Policy Changes on Second Life

Last week, Linden Research changed its policy on skills games in the Second Life® virtual world. Now, game creators and game operators can obtain a license to offer games and to operate games in Second Life. Players, region owners, creators, and game operators must make certain representations to Linden. Since the new policy was announced, we have been helping game creators and operators to obtain licenses. Before that, we were advising operators on how to avoid violations of U.S. federal and state law, as required by Linden.
The new policy is here:

Linden wrote an FAQ about the new policy here:

The operator license is here:

The creator license is here:

The terms governing both operator and creator licenses require a legal opinion and an affidavit supporting the opinion. We have been helping operators and creators write these documents. If you need help with writing these documents,
please contact us. We are glad to discuss what we can do for you without charge.