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Avatar Film May Drive Adoption of the 3D Internet

Over the holidays, I took the plunge and actually saw the Avatar film. I wrote my last post about the Avatar film after having read the dry text of articles trumpeting the pathbreaking nature of the film and its use of 3D to enhance the film’s special effects. Reading about the film and seeing the film are two very different things. Now having seen the actual film - in 3D - I can see the promise of 3D much more clearly. In fact, I now realize that not only will people want 3D technology to see existing 3D Internet spaces in 3D, it will drive people to demand that providers of 2D content create new 3D Internet applications. Read More...

Avatar Film Highlights Promise of 3D Technology

The conversation in this blog has been about the promise of the 3D Internet and the legal issues surrounding it. With virtual worlds and MMOGs, we have enjoyed seeing 3D spaces on our 2D computer monitors. (So far, no one has tried to push the use of the 3D glasses as a standard part of a 3D Internet offering.) But with the critical acclaim of the movie Avatar, which people can view in 3D using polarized glasses, it is clear that people like 3D and will want it at home for their entertainment systems. And once 3D screens can let us see 3D worlds in 3D, the natural next step is for virtual worlds and video games to use 3D technology to see 3D spaces. It’s coming. Read More...