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Breaking Story - Eros, LLC Sues Linden Research

Eros, LLC, a seller of virtual adult products in the Second Life® virtual world, filed a class action suit today against the operator of Second Life®, Linden Research, Inc., in the federal district court in San Francisco. KamberEdelson, LLC is the law firm representing Eros and the other named plaintiff, Shannon Grei (SL: Munchflower Zaius). The Complaint contends that Linden is infringing upon the plaintiffs’ trademarks and Grei’s copyrights directly, as well as facilitating and profiting from the infringements of others. The plaintiffs seek unspecified damages, as well as injunctive relief.
In the upcoming weeks and months, I will be writing more about the case and its developments as it unfolds. Also, I will be posting materials from the Eros case on my Eros v. Linden Research materials page. The first posting is the Complaint from the case.

Developments in this case will be of great interest to the Second Life® community, intellectual property lawyers, and those interested in legal aspects of the 3D Internet. This is probably the most important 3D Internet law case to be filed since the Bragg v. Linden Lab suit.