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SLBA Adopts Corporate Bylaws

I haven’t written too much before about the SL Bar Association, but I am delighted to report that last Saturday, December 12, 2009, the SL Bar Association adopted new bylaws, following incorporation as a California nonprofit corporation. The SL Bar Association strives to educate the bar and the public about legal issues concerning the Second Life® virtual world. Adoption of the new bylaws document is a major step for the organization, and I hope that the SLBA continues its momentum in growing and doing more to serve members of the SL community of lawyers and people interested in the law.
The SLBA summarizes its mission on the website as follows: “The SL Bar Association is an informal professional organization that helps members navigate the Second Life® legal landscape. Meetings, lectures, and social events are held regularly. Attorneys, legal scholars, and other legal professionals are encouraged to join.” I now serve as President of the association.

In June, the SLBA organized itself as a California nonprofit corporation. The organization saw the incorporation process as important for it to establish itself as a permanent fixture in SL and as a way of continuing the momentum to accomplish the mission and goals of the association. We hope to do even more in the future.

If you are interested in legal issues concerning the
Second Life® virtual world and the 3D Internet more generally, we invite you to join our organization. You can sign up in world and here for our Ning group.