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Effect of the Presidential Election on the 3D Internet

America awoke this morning to a new President-Elect, Barack Obama, who swept to power in an historic election. What does this important election mean for the 3D Internet? President-Elect Barack Obama became the first presidential candidate to harness the real potential of the Internet in his bid to become president. What will President Obama do for the 3D Internet during the next four years?
During the next four years, we should see greater private sector activities to roll out new 3D Internet applications, virtual worlds, and multiuser online games. We will look back four years from now and see greater sophistication of applications, more user interest, and larger numbers of users. These developments, however, are what we would expect regardless of the change of administration.

I am hoping, however, that the federal government will invest some of its resources into accelerating development of the 3D Internet in the next four years. Clearly, universal broadband access is an important precondition to the 3D Internet. Accelerating ultra-high bandwidth is an important next step. In addition to these infrastructural measures, the federal government should invest in more research into 3D Internet applications. Spin-offs of government research may help propel the next Internet boom.

Moreover, the federal government should begin to scale up its use of the 3D Internet for governmental functions. The federal government can accelerate 3D Internet business simply by becoming a larger consumer of 3D products and services. Providers of such services can use government contract revenue to finance efforts to bring these same products and services to the private sector.

The federal government cannot create the 3D Internet itself. But it can help to accelerate the development process and create a fertile environment for the 3D Internet to grow. And it can use its power as a huge consumer of 3D Internet products and services to prime the pump.

With ideas such as these, I hope that President-Elect Obama, the first presidential candidate to understand and utilize the true power of the Internet, will place 3D Internet development as a high priority within his administration once he becomes president. With Obama the winner, I believe the 3D Internet will go farther than it otherwise would under another president’s administration. I am excited about what the 3D Internet can become in the next four years.