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Fairly Quiet Week for the Minsky SLART Second Life Trademark Infringement Case

Last week was a fairly quiet one for the trademark infringement case brought by Richard Minsky. Mr. Minsky filed a reply letter brief in further support of his letter motion essentially seeking a declaration that Defendant Linden Research has failed to comply with the temporary restraining order (TRO) in the case. Linden Research asked the Court to strike Mr. Minsky’s reply brief from the record, saying that the Court’s dispute resolution procedures set forth in the TRO do not permit reply briefs. Mr. Minsky is known as ArtWorld Market on Second Life and claims ownership in the registered trademark SLART used with his art magazine. He sued Linden Research, some of its principals, and an anonymous avatar named Victor Vezina claiming infringement of his SLART mark.

Copies of the recent filings appear on the Minsky v. Linden Research documents page.