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Augmented Reality Opportunities

While the virtual reality market seems to be quiet, the augmented reality is starting to grow. With Google Glass and new competitors on the horizon, people are turning to wearable computers. Wearable computers in the form factor of glasses give users the ability to see additional information about the real life environment around them.
For instance, looking through augmented reality glasses, you may see a real building, but also an icon showing that a coffee shop or top-rated restaurant is in the building. It is possible to overlay a map onto your field of vision. You can use glasses to obtain directions or even play games.

While these glasses will take a while to become popular, I expect them to become commonplace as the price comes down. Wearing these glasses will raise a large hosts of legal issues, such as the legality of wearing the glasses while driving.
In one recent case, a San Diego court acquitted a woman accused of unlawfully wearing Google Glass while driving, not because it was legal, but due to lack of proof that the device was on while she was driving.

Stay turned for even more augmented reality legal developments.