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Documents from Linden Research, Inc. v. Richard Minsky
U.S. PTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board,
Cancellation No. 92049828

In the related federal case, Plaintiff Richard Minsky filed a trademark infringement lawsuit in July 2008 against Linden Research, Inc., an avatar named Victor Vezina (named as a John Doe defendant), Linden Chairman Philip Rosedale, and former Chairman Mitchell Kapor in Albany’s federal court. Mr. Minsky is known as ArtWorld Market on Second Life and claims ownership in the mark SLART used in connection with his art magazine.

Linden Research filed its own proceeding against Mr. Minsky before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB). Linden Research’s TTAB action sought the cancellation of Mr. Minsky’s SLART mark. The TTAB cancellation proceeding is now suspended to allow the federal case to dispose of the relevant issues. Links to the relevant TTAB documents filed to date appear below.

1. Docket Sheet
Cancellation Docket Sheet 2008-10-09
2. Linden Research’s Petition for Cancellation
Linden Research Petition for Cancellation of SLART Mark
3. Minsky’s Answer to the Cancellation Petition
Minsky Answer to Cancellation Petition
4. Minsky’s Motion to Suspend Proceedings
Motion to suspend
5. Suspension of Proceedings
Suspension of Proceedings